Rent A Honda in Keene, NH

 RENT A HONDA for as low as $29.95 a day!

Why go to another rental agency when you can rent directly from Honda of Keene located in Keene, NH? Located at our sister store next door, Toyota of Keene, the Fenton Rental Center offers the latest Honda and Toyota (TRAC, or "Toyota Rent-A-Car") models for business, service, insurance, and leisure. Our rental cars are clean, low mileage, and 100% smoke free.

Unlike a rental agency, Honda of Keene offers many benefits including competitive rates and no hidden fees. Whether your rental needs are for pleasure, business, special events, or you simply want to test drive a new Honda model, Honda of Keene will provide you with a personalized, professional service to meet all of your needs.

At Honda of Keene, you can do more than just purchase or service your vehicle. You can now RENT A HONDA starting as low as $29.95 from our Fenton Rental Center located next door at Toyota of Keene!

Honda rental options are limited at this time so we highly recommend contacting us in advance, if possible. Thank you

CALL 1-888-235-9040 FOR DETAILS OR send us a rental request online

Available Honda Rentals and Pricing

  Reasons to rent from Honda-Rent-A-Car at Honda of Keene

  • Save money - our rates are competitive and you get the service you expect from a top-notch NH Honda dealership.

  • Service Replacement Vehicle - Drive away in the latest model Honda while yours is being serviced at the dealership.

  • Insurance Replacement Vehicle - Is your vehicle being repaired at the body shop? Use Honda-Rent-A-Car to keep you on the road as a temporary replacement vehicle.

  • Try Before you Buy - Take an extended test drive in a new Honda model before your next lease or purchase.
  • Rent to save miles on an upcoming lease expiration.
  • Enjoy a long weekend getaway in a current Honda model.
  • Impress your in-laws, boss, or out of town guests.

*Service discounts may be available. Check with our rental desk or your service advisor